Thursday, September 22, 2022

HR Manager

HR Manager required

HR Manager

Location: Islamabad - Pakistan
Experience: 6 Years
Shift Timings: Morning Shift
Job Type: Full-Time


Please attach the cover.

Conduct Recruitment, advertisement, CVs screening and short listing applicants for interview and go through Selection process.

Offer jobs to final selected applicants and write down their contracts either permanent or project based.
Conduct a session of orientation and socialization for New Comers with organization policies, norms, values and work set up.
Deliver well equipped and activity based presentations on team work and capacity building during project orientation phase.
Responsible to arrange meetings with project based staff and observe their performance, receive feedback and resolve conflicts if it has arisen during the project phase.
Ensure effective productivity of employees and use motivational tools to increase their productivity.
Evaluate staff performance through performance evaluation checklist at the end of the year/project to best performer to ensure the reinforcement of the same behavior.
Responsible for the placement, replacement, promotion and demotion of the staff in the result of performance evaluation with the prior discussion of Executive Director and Director Admin.
Responsible for incentives, bonuses and all matters regarding salary increase or decreased of the staff.
Make possible to keep busy the internee and involve them in various activities so that their capacity may build.
Give presentation on team work, communication, motivation and effective leadership so that to modify staff behavior and ensure their effective performance.
Responsible to work on performance management and appraisal process.

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