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Quality Assurance Executive (QA) For Call Center - Lahore

Quality Assurance Executive (QA) For Call Center - Lahore required

Quality Assurance Executive (QA) For Call Center - Lahore

Location: Lahore - Pakistan
Experience: 1 Year
Shift Timings: Morning Shift
Job Type: Full-Time


3D Lifestyle is urgently looking for a Quality Assurance Executive (QA)

Education: Min. Education Masters.

Experience: 1-2 Year industry experience in managing reputable call center.


As a call center quality assurance manager, your primary responsibility is to manage and oversee the operations of a call center team to ensure smooth and efficient customer service interactions. Your role involves overseeing a team of call center agents and providing them with guidance, support, and training as needed.
Expectations from the role of call center quality assurance manager:
Team Management: You are responsible for managing a team of call center agents, including hiring, training, coaching, and mentoring. You set performance expectations, monitor performance, and provide feedback to ensure team members meet their goals and deliver excellent customer service.
Call Center Operations: You oversee the day-to-day operations of the call center, including managing call queues, scheduling shifts, monitoring call volumes, and ensuring adherence to call center policies and procedures. You also handle any escalated customer issues or complaints that require higher-level resolution.
Quality Assurance: You conduct regular quality assurance assessments of call center interactions, including call monitoring, reviewing call recordings, and providing feedback to agents to ensure quality service delivery and compliance with company policies and procedures.
Training and Development: You provide ongoing training and development opportunities to call center agents to improve their skills, knowledge, and performance. You identify training needs and develop training plans to address any knowledge gaps or areas for improvement.
Performance Metrics: You set performance metrics and goals for the call center team, monitor performance against these metrics, and provide regular reports to management on team performance, call center metrics, and trends. You analyze data and identify areas for improvement to enhance team performance and customer satisfaction.
Problem Resolution: You handle complex or escalated customer issues that cannot be resolved by call center agents and work towards resolving customer complaints or inquiries in a timely and satisfactory manner. You may also liaise with other departments or teams within the organization to resolve customer issues.
Process Improvement: You identify areas for process improvement within the call center and work with other stakeholders to implement changes that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience.
Communication and Collaboration: You maintain open lines of communication with call center agents, management, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth coordination, collaboration, and alignment of goals and expectations. You also provide regular updates to management on call center operations, performance, and any issues or challenges.
Compliance and Policy Adherence: You ensure that call center agents adhere to company policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements, such as data privacy and security, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and adherence to call handling protocols.
Employee Engagement: You foster a positive and inclusive work environment within the call center, promote employee engagement, motivation, and morale, and recognize and reward outstanding performance.
Overall, as a call center supervisor, you play a critical role in managing and leading a team of call center agents to deliver excellent customer service, achieve performance goals, and ensure the smooth operations of the call center.

Location: Johar Town, Lahore.

Gender: Females are highly encouraged to apply.

Candidates who can join us on immediate basis would be highly preferred.

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