Monday, September 18, 2023

Junior Graphic Designer

Junior Graphic Designer required

Junior Graphic Designer

Location: Lahore - Pakistan
Experience: Less than 1 Year
Shift Timings: Night Shift
Job Type: Part-Time

Description: Job Summary:
As a Junior Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for assisting the design team in creating visual content that communicates messages effectively to our target audience. You will work on a variety of projects, collaborating with senior designers and other team members to develop creative solutions that meet our clients' needs.
Key Responsibilities:
Graphic Design: Create visually appealing and engaging designs for print and digital media, including brochures, posters, social media graphics, websites, and more.
Concept Development: Assist in brainstorming and developing design concepts that align with project objectives and client requirements.
Software Proficiency: Proficiently use graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) to create and edit graphics.
Typography: Select appropriate fonts and typography for various projects, ensuring readability and aesthetic appeal.
Image Editing: Edit and retouch images to enhance their quality and relevance to the project.
Layout and Composition: Arrange elements on a page or screen to create visually appealing and balanced layouts.
Color Management: Select and use colors effectively to convey the desired message and evoke specific emotions.
File Management: Organize and manage design files, ensuring they are easily accessible to the team and clients.
Client Communication: Collaborate with clients and team members to understand project requirements, provide updates, and incorporate feedback into designs.
Quality Control: Review and proof designs to ensure they meet quality standards and are error-free before final production.
Deadline Adherence: Work efficiently to meet project deadlines and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

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