Thursday, September 19, 2019

MASS HIRING - Sales - 40h per week - from home - 1349

MASS HIRING - Sales - 40h per week - from home - 1349 required

MASS HIRING - Sales - 40h per week - from home - 1349

Location: Karachi - Pakistan
Salary: 700 - 800 ( USD )
Experience: 1 Year
Shift Timings: On Rotation
Job Type: Full-Time


Hello to you,

We are a social media, development company and communication.

We have just been funded and are expanding our team.

We already have a team of 80 people.

This is an online job, full time, 40 hours per week.

We pay well and are excited to work with you.

We pay weekly by transferwise.

Job description


We have a great team of salespeople. You will contact companies to offer our services.

We service companies to create their brand their website their Shopify their wordpress their support anything that is related to an online company. We have many clients and are looking to expand even bigger.

Skills needed


Knowledge of Email

Knowledge of English

Knowledge of Google

Knowledge of Social media

Knowledge of lead generation

Knowledge of CRM

Knowledge of sales in general

Knowledge of LinkedIn

Good English writing

Please send your resume to

Thank you 

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